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The Zola Collective

The cornerstone of our collective is to bring Africa and its sustainable offerings to the rest of the world. And our aim, as we do this, is to popularise and create a global demand for these products, which through the supply chain gives local farmers we source from a stable source of income.

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Our Latest Launch

Vegan African Dark Chocolate

Now, our collective has not one, but two ways to satiate that sweet-tooth, but in the healthiest way possible! In addition to our superfoods ice pops, we've launched a range of Vegan African Dark Chocolate! 

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Pack of a 3 Vegan Chocolate Bars

Pack of a 3 Vegan Chocolate Bars

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Newly added

Superfood Ice Pops

To fight the summer heat, we’ve combined our superfoods to create delicious dairy-free Ice Pops!

All our ice pops are - 
✓ Made with a base of coconut milk and lightly sweetened with maple syrup; 
✓ Made from scratch with 100% organic ingredients;
✓ Dairy-free; 
✓ Nut-free; 
✓ Gluten-free; 
✓ Free of refined sugar; 
✓ Without artificial colours or flavours.

Try them all! <br/> Assorted Pack of 9 - 1 of Each Flavour
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From oils, to superfoods, to caffeine-free teas, our shop is ready to elevate your lifestyle, in the healthiest way possible!