ESTD. 2018

The Zola Collective

The cornerstone of our collective is to bring Africa and its sustainable offerings to the rest of the world. And our aim, as we do this, is to popularise and create a global demand for these products, which through the supply chain gives local farmers we source from a stable source of income.

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Newly added

Superfood Ice Pops

To fight the summer heat, we’ve combined our superfoods to create delicious dairy-free Ice Pops!

All our ice pops are - 
✓ Made with a base of coconut milk and lightly sweetened with maple syrup; 
✓ Made from scratch with 100% organic ingredients;
✓ Dairy-free; 
✓ Nut-free; 
✓ Gluten-free; 
✓ Free of refined sugar; 
✓ Without artificial colours or flavours.

Assorted Vegan Ice Pop <br/> Pack of 8 - 1 of Each Flavour

This assorted pack of all 8 flavours is ideal if you're a first-time customer, unsure about which flavour might catch your fancy! In this, you'll get, one vegan ice pop of each flavour.

Serving Size: Each ice pop is perfectly crafted for one helping and weights 50g.

Deliveries in Dubai Only, within 2-3 working days of the order being placed!

Natural, Nutritious, Organic

Zola Foods

We provide 100% natural and nutritious superfoods from organically and responsibly sourced produce. Superfoods provide a superior source of antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Zola Foods

no chemicals or preservatives

Zola Heritage

Natural oils hold a heaping helping of advantages to both skin and hair. From antioxidant powerhouses to potent antibacterial oils, they garner a permanent place in any beauty routine.

Zola Heritage